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Dream It Green

Advanced manufacturing and logistics industries in Indiana are more environmentally responsible then ever. Hybrid cars are manufactured here, not to mention solar cells and windmills that generate electricity. If you’re interested in environmentally sustainability and really want to make a difference, then may be no better place for you than advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Dream It Green stops by EnerDel, the Indianapolis company that’s putting cutting-edge batteries in hybrid cars and trucks.

We’ll talk to Taison Tan, an R&D manager at EnerDel, about the advanced technologies behind hybrids and the special batteries that make them go. EnerDel is one of Indiana’s ‘green manufacturing’ success stories, on pace to create 1,700 new jobs over the next few years. (But don’t send your resume to Taison—he’s not in charge of hiring.)

Swift Enterprises, based at Purdue University, is developing a new kind of aviation fuel that’s made from plants, doesn’t contain any lead, and cuts pollution by 20%.

When you think Purdue, think gold and black—but when you think Swift, think green.

Did you know:

Indiana has more manufacturing jobs than any other state, based on the size of our population?

1 in 5 Hoosiers works in manufacturing?

Manufacturing jobs pay 40% more than the average income in Indiana?

Make It Move

When you think about working in manufacturing, you might imagine being stuck on an assembly line all day—eight hours of blah. Well, think again. There’s a reason we put ‘advanced’ in front of manufacturing these days. These jobs are anything but slow-paced—you’re always on the go, solving problems, working in teams, operating high-tech equipment that makes the baddest computer at Best Buy look like an abacus. Logistics, too: you aren’t just moving stuff from one end of a warehouse to another—you’re a highly-skilled link in the supply chain, the make-or-break part of most companies.

You’d probably be lost without your phone, right? Well, a company called Brightpoint right here in Indiana makes sure your phone doesn’t get lost on its way to you, and that it comes ready for action.

Nearly 60% of U.S. cell phones get distributed through the logistics giant located just west of Indianapolis. Brightpoint does more than just ship phones though—they make sure each one gets loaded with the software needed to let you text, surf, and play. Follow Dream It. Do It. correspondent Emily as she learns how Brightpoint puts the ‘smart’ in smartphone.

How do you move a racehorse from one side of the country to the other? FedEx, of course. Indianapolis is home to one of FedEx’s largest hubs.

Their sophisticated matrix of electronic conveyors, digital scales, and laser readers work together to ensure that Manhattan-bound packages (and horses!) don’t accidentally end up in Singapore. And, don’t forget the logistics wizards that run all that technology and make the big decision. They make sure the planes are loaded, weighted, and routed correctly so deliveries can get to their destinations before you get out of bed.

What’s the world’s largest automaker up to in Indiana? A lot. Employees at Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana facility manufacture some of the most popular vehicles on the road—the Toyota Sequoia, Sienna, and Highlander.

And, they do it at a facility that’s even more technologically advanced than the cars they produce. We’re talking computers, lasers, and robots. Toyota isn’t the only cutting-edge manufacturer calling Indiana home. The Hoosier state has more manufacturing jobs than any other state, based on the size of our population. To see more, follow Heather as she takes us inside Toyota’s hyper-modern facility.

Shoes are a big business—but if you’re Shoe Carnival from Evansville, Indiana, you probably already know that.

Evansville is home to the Shoe Carnival distribution center, which uses LED sensors and automated lines to make sure the right kicks get to Shoe Carnival’s 300 U.S. stores. In this webisode, James from Vincennes takes us in to see just how far we’ve come from the days of the village cobbler.

Talk about making it move—the RQ-4 Global Hawk military jet cruises along at more than 400 miles an hour, powered by an engine built right here in the Indiana Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility.

Check out this webisode as our correspondent Emily learns more about this amazing plane, which can fly unmanned all the way across the Pacific Ocean, can see through clouds and sandstorms using advanced radar—it even sends text messages. OMG!

Kyle W.

Eastern High School

I have really enjoyed learning about the manufacturing process. I find it intriguing to watch a raw material be transformed into a finished product. I learned how alloy is melted, cut, shaped, forged, rolled, pickled, and heated to create the correct type of alloy, and to ship it in the right shape, size, or form.

Hot Jobs

Assembly & Test Associate
Earnings: $27,000-$42,500
Job Outlook: 1,480

This is where all the technology, innovation and hard work come together. Assembly & Test Associates work as a team to assemble components into a finished product or important component of a product and doing the final tests before it rolls out of the factory. You’ll see how all of the parts add up to the big picture.

Certified Advanced Manufacturing Specialist
Earnings: $32,500-$48,000
Job Outlook: 3,412

Set up and operate the high-tech machines that make the most precise parts for a variety of products: you could be a machinist crafting a joint for an artificial knee that will help someone get on their feet again, or running a computer-controlled machine that’s making a fighter jet turbine.

Design Technician
Earnings: $41,500-$47,200
Job Outlook: 64

Computers have revolutionized the way we live and do business…manufacturing plants are no different. Computer-aided design tools make it easy to create a virtual part or product that can be easily produced. As a Design Technician, you’ll be on the cutting-edge of taking new ideas from imagination to reality. These jobs take vocational training after high school.

Electronics Technician
Salary: $42,500-$50,000
Job Outlook: 135

Electronics are a part of most higher-end manufactured products these days—for example, your car has more computer power than the system that guided the first Apollo mission to the moon. Pretty cool, right? Electronics Technicians install, test, repair and adjust these electronic systems, and make good money doing it.

Engineering Technician
Salary: $45,000-$55,000
Job Outlook: 205

Help create new products and boost productivity by putting engineering principles into practice—the Engineering Technician takes innovation and ideas and applies them to real life, working with the rest of the engineering team. These jobs typically require a two-year associate’s degree.

Facilities Specialist
Salary: $43,000-$53,000
Job Outlook: 938

Facilities Specialists keep factories working by installing, moving and adjusting high-tech equipment, and doing the troubleshooting and routine maintenance that lead to more productivity and less problems. These jobs require moderate or intensive vocational training.

Inventory Control Specialist
Salary: $27,000-$36,000
Job Outlook: 1,630

We live in a ‘just in time’ world—to keep today’s high-tech factories working at top speed, it’s important that materials and products are moving among departments and facilities as efficiently as possible. Inventory Control Specialists plan and keep track of internal logistics, inventory levels and shipping, working with managers and supervisors to make sure everything stays on track.

Material Distribution Specialist
Salary: $37,500-$46,500
Job Outlook: 3,150

Manufacturing plants couldn’t run without Material Distribution Specialists, who are on the front lines of getting needed materials from Point A to Point B. These jobs focus on handling, transportation and warehousing, with room to grow into supervisor positions.

Packaging & Routing Associate
Salary: $25,000-$33,500
Job Outlook: 1,050

Operate computerized equipment to package and get products loaded for shipment in the most efficient way—think of it like playing Tetris, but with millions of dollars worth of material involved. Responsible for making sure products reach their destinations safely and quickly.

Planning & Scheduling Specialist
Salary: $36,000-$41,000
Job Outlook: 247

Millions of tons of freight are moved across the globe every day, by air, rail and water. Planning & Scheduling Specialists do their part to make sure this freight moves smoothly, from raw materials coming into a plant to finished products being shipped to customers. Responsibilities include scheduling and routing shipments, dispatching work crews, and reporting on progress.

Quality Systems Associate
Salary: $30,500-$48,500
Job Outlook: 540

Manufacturing today is a competitive business—the job has to be done right, the first time, every time. Quality Systems Associates inspect parts and products, often using high-tech testing equipment, to make sure everything is top-notch.