“Don’t wait until the last minute!”

You probably hear it all the time… from your parents, your teachers, the annoying dudes with SPECIAL OFFERS on the late-night infomercials that you’re watching because—sigh—you waited until the last minute to do your homework.

Well, we agree with them. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your future.

Start now: Hire Tech, a program that lets you earn college credits and industry-approved certifications towards careers in advanced manufacturing and logistics while you’re still in high school.

That’s right—start learning real skills that translate into real paychecks. Click around the site to learn more about Hire Tech and how it puts high school students on the path to high-tech manufacturing and logistics careers. But don’t wait—ACT NOW! SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! (Just kidding.)

What's Hire Tech?

If you’ve spent much time here at Dream It. Do It., you know that manufacturing companies are looking for people. But not just anybody. They need people with special skills, who can work in teams, make robots do their bidding, operate computerized equipment that might cost more than your parents’ house.

It takes time to learn everything you need to be successful in a high-tech manufacturing facility or a supply chain operation that’s moving products all over the world. So companies start coming to Conexus with an idea—why not get future employees started earlier, in high school, to give them a head start on college and a quicker path to a job?

And so Hire Tech was born.

Hire Tech is a two-year (four semester) curriculum available in Indiana high schools and career centers. It combines online content, videos, hands-on projects, and more to get you up to speed on manufacturing and logistics—and because employers helped design it, you know that you’re getting the info that’s most valuable in landing a job.

At the end of the program, you’ll have 9 (and up to 15, in some cases) college credits at Ivy Tech and 5 industry credentials (like the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council and APICS) under your belt.

What Will I Learn?

Hire Tech provides the basics—introducing concepts in manufacturing and logistics—but quickly moves into the issues that employers really value.

Over the course of four semesters, you’ll learn about cutting-edge technologies, safety and quality controls, safeguarding the environment, communication and teamwork skills, supply chain management and more. (Not sure what supply chain management is? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you.) You’ll even learn about industrial robots and run advanced computerized equipment.


Click here for a full list of subjects you’ll get into.

Who Supports It?

Hire Tech was developed by Conexus Indiana, the non-profit group that represents manufacturing and logistics employers across the state. Conexus worked with these companies, along with the Indiana Department of Education, Ivy Tech Community College, local teachers and others to make Hire Tech a reality.

We want to give a special shout-out to the organizations that helped pay for creating the curriculum—it wouldn’t be possible without them. (And those businesses that contributed are looking for future employees to come out of this program—they’ll put the “Hire” in “Hire Tech.”)

  • Allison Transmission
  • Bowen Engineering
  • Brightpoint North America, Inc
  • Cummins
  • Duke Realty Corp.
  • Fairfield Manufacturing Company
  • Ft. Wayne Metals
  • Hillenbrand, Inc.
  • Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC
  • Lilly Endowment
  • Lumina Foundation
  • Koch Foundation
  • Langham Logistics, Inc.
  • LDI, Ltd.
  • National Association of Manufacturers
  • Peerless Pump
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing
  • UPS

How Can My School Get Involved?

OK, everybody—this is where you can make a difference. If your school doesn’t have Hire Tech yet, take action! Start an online petition, picket the school, make very brief but intense arguments for it on Twitter…oh wait. You don’t actually have to do any of that. Just tell a teacher or your principal about it, maybe give them the link to this site. We’ll do the rest. But thanks anyway!

Morgan K.

Jefferson High School

During my internship at Subaru, I have learned so much about manufacturing. When I look at cars, I never think about how they are made. At Subaru, I have gotten the chance to watch a car being built from start to finish.